Puerto Vallarta Restaurant Reviews
Le Bistro Jazz Cafe
Contemporary & Continental
Isla Rio Cuale (at the Insurgentes bridge downtown), Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Puerto Vallarta Restaurant Review:

Le Bistro Jazz Café
is among the most elegant restaurants in Puerto Vallarta.  The tropical
surroundings, combined with great food and service, make for a memorable meal.

SETTING - On the enchanting island in the middle of the Rio Cuale downtown.  The island is
shaded by huge trees during the day, under which you'll find a wide path lined with charming
shops and stalls for browsing.  Among them is
Le Bistro.

You'll enter through a French Second Empire-looking bar, probably the most beautiful
in town.  It's part Paris, part tropics.  If you arrive early, have a drink.  

FOOD - The menu starts with French crepes (the Chicken & Squash Blossoms being my
favorite),  a wonderful Wild Duck Paté with Pistachios and Port Wine, and if you like crab
cakes, try the Blue Crab Pancake drizzled with a caviar-tasting Sea Urchin foam.  For entrees,
there are several upscale Mexican dishes such as crab enchiladas, but the stars are the many
Chef's suggestions.  I can personally recommend the Crusty Beef Filet with a Dijon Mustard
Sauce, the Coconut Royal Shrimp tempura style in a Saffron Orange Sauce, and the Phoenician
Scallops served with Arugula and Risotto with Squid.  The desserts are supposedly first class
(the place is somewhat French after all) but I've never had room.

AMBIANCE - With a little luck, you may get one of the tables overlooking the river, but
there are no bad seats.  The dining room is softly lit and flanked in several places by living
thickets of huge bamboo trunks as big as your arm.  Live music from the piano area wafts
softly through the dining room.  It's an atmospheric restaurant in tropical jungle, right in the
middle of P.V.

RESERVATIONS - Not a bad idea, especially during high season.  

BOTTOM LINE - For a romantic dinner or simply a fine meal in an elegant tropical setting,
you can't beat Le Bistro.