Dallas Restaurant Reviews
Keller's Hamburgers
A Pre-Historic Drive-in Burger Joint
6537 E. Northwest Hwy.,  Dallas

Also - 10554 Harry Hines Blvd,  Dallas
Dallas Restaurant Review:

Keller’s Hamburgers & Beer
is a throwback to the “American Graffiti” days of the 1950’s
drive-in hamburger stands – with beer.  And not much has changed since the 1950’s.  Not even
their vintage neon signs.

SETTING - There are two of these joints, one in a gritty industrial district on charming
Harry Hines Blvd, and another on East Northwest Highway on the other side of town.

APPETIZERS - Several flavors of cold beer.

FOOD - Great hamburgers, made just the way they ought to be at an old-time burger place.  
And the #5 Special (double meat with everything, plus Keller's special sauce) pre-dates the
Big Mac by probably 20 years.   It’s a juicy handful.  And be sure to order the Tater Tots, not
the french fries.  You’ll need to sprinkle a little salt on them, but then you’ll want another
order.  Re-ordering them, of course, will require another beer, as well.  The car hops are
worldly girls and women with a sprinkling of tattoos who will never be mistaken for Hooter's
girls, but they’re down-home friendly and will ask you to raise your car window two inches so
they can hang the tray of burgers on it.  The food is so cheap, I usually tip them at least a
third of the bill, and it’s still only $2.

COLD & WET - Ice cold beer – b–y the bottle to drink on-site, and by the 6-pack or the case
to-go.  Keller’s does a brisk business, selling cases of beer to a steady line of pickup trucks
that pull up to the front door.  The car hops take their order and bring the beer to the

AMBIANCE - Old and slightly seedy (I give extra points for that).  Very 1950’s.  At the
Keller’s on East Northwest Highway (how many points of the compass can you work into a
single street name?), there are usually half a dozen motorcycles parked on the side, their
riders swapping tales over cold beer.  On nice weekends, there will probably be some old hot
rods and muscle cars congregated in the parking lot.  At the Keller’s on Harry Hines, you are
more likely to hear the strains of mariachi music coming from some open car windows.  Either
place, it’s the same good food and cold beer.

BOTTOM LINE - There are not many drive-ins left, and Keller’s is a classic.