Dallas Restaurant Reviews
Herrera's Cafe
Mexican Restaurant
4024 Maple Avenue,  Dallas, TX
Dallas Restaurant Review:

Herrera's is probably the only Dallas restaurant to be featured in National Geographic.  A
1984 issue displays a 2-page photo of customers (and their beer) lined up outside the door of
the original restaurant on Maple Avenue.  The reason:  Herrera's has world-class "Tex-Mex" .

SETTING  -   Unfortunately,  that quaint structure had a fire many years ago, and the
9-table cafe moved across the street to a slightly larger building -- just as old and with
maybe 12 tables.  But now re-development has forced them out and into a third building, half
a block further down the street.  There are two or three other Herrera's in various
corners of Dallas now, as well.

APPETIZERS  -   Herrera's "Crazy Nachos" are the best I've ever had.  I've often ordered
them as a meal.  They're a perfect mix of ground beef, beans, and shredded chicken, topped
with melted cheese and guacamole (sour cream optional) -- with a big pile of sliced jalapenos
on the side.  As an appetizer, ask for the half-order size unless you have more than 2-3
friends with you.  And be aware:  the hot sauce is not for wimps.

DINNERS  -   Some Mexican food aficionados go for the Jimmy's Special -- a cheese
enchilada, chicken enchilada with ranchero sauce, soft cheese taco, beef taco with
guacamole, and burrito with beans, rice, & beef chunks -- or a Herrera's #1 Mexican Dinner,
which is a big platter.  Or you might pick one of the other 30 combination dinners.   Everyone
seems to find their favorite.  Most customers order the traditional Tex-Mex rather than
the fajitas, although I've heard that those are not bad.  If you like beef, I can highly
recommend the Guizo de Res, an authentic Mexican all-beef stew in a brown gravy.

BAR - The new restaurant has a full bar so you can no longer bring your own beverages, but
frankly, the margaritas are just so-so.  I recommend the beer.

For the ADVENTURESOME  -   Herrera's serves Menudo soup on Saturdays and Sundays.  
It's a bowl of sliced tripe and hominy served in a seasoned red chile broth.  For those of you
who are mainly familiar with the menu at McDonalds or Chili's, "tripe" is intestines.  Menudo
is claimed to be an aid for hangovers -- the "Breakfast of Champions" says Herrera's.  I dare

AMBIANCE  -   Herrera's has gone from an unapologetic "hole in the wall" to a respectable
restaurant with everything fresh and new.  One block to the west is the Mexican
where many signs are in Spanish, and one block to the east is the high-dollar Oak Lawn
neighborhood.  The clientele is eclectic, from Hispanic families to hip 20-Somethings to Old
Farts who have been worshipping at this Tex-Mex shrine since the '70s.

HOURS  -   This is a family-run place.  Closed Tuesdays, open till  9 on week nights.

BOTTOM LINE  -   If I could have just one last meal before I died, Herrera's would be the
place.  Take some friends and make it a party.  Don't dress up.
Herrera's Cafe in 1984